Online Support

The Tommy Atkins Centre is very proud to announce that there is now a rapid online support service called Veterans Online Rewind Trauma System (VORTS).

The idea is to place an effective way of treating veterans in crisis, rapidly.

To access the service simply call our helpline where you will speak to one of our  operators who will ask you just a few questions.  You will then be immediately refered to our professional mental health staff who will contact you within 24hrs.  Veterans who are not in crisis, but would still like to use the service are still welcome to use the service, however the callback will be within 7 days.

There is an informative leaflet below explaining the prefered method of treatment and a link to the founders website which explains in detail plus has many testimonials from genuine cases that have been treated using Rewind.

We are also very fortunate to have Dr David Muss, the founder of Rewind as the resident doctor for the Tommy Atkins Veterans Centre.  He will also be the practitioner you speak to should you need the Rewind.

To access the VORTS, please either leave a message on the Skype button on the bottom right of this page or phone the supplied number and leave a message.  We will get back to you within a few hours.